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Multi channel “enables” users – UC “enables” multi channel. Get it right now !

Enabling users starts with understanding user desires and expectations. Gone are the days where IT operations teams were considered to be the “department of NO”, the user is now king and “do it now, do it my way is top of the users’ mind”. The 21st century high speed, always on digital enterprise has propelled user power and customer service to the fore as switching from one supplier to the next is as simple as the click of a mouse button. And to that end customer service, ideally utilising the plethora of digital native tools available is becoming the battleground for ongoing business success.

But customer service at the highest level cannot be at the highest cost through these times of tough margins and high customer churn. Somehow organisations must realise the holy grain of maximum customer satisfaction but via minimum systems / personnel investment and ongoing operational management. Enter the brave new world of remote expert advice, not via email, or phone or even video but via all of the aforementioned plus numerous other communications channels delivered in real time selected by the contacting customer. It’s all about customer service, the customer way, at a time or via a communications mode of their choice. The much maligned enterprise “UC” platform of old now plays a fundamental new role in the brave new world of multi-channel communication because it “ENABLES” user multi-channel communications. Get UC (Unified Communications) right, get the network right (optimised, energised, secure, performant) and you will find you have the digital foundation perfectly equipped to transform your customer service outcomes.

Multi-channel communication delivers real “service” without boundaries and the type of customer engagement mode that ‎creates true advocacy based on the experience feeling truly personal. Multi-channel remote expert advice is fast becoming a must have as an increasingly smart, intelligent device bound customer audience utilises those same tools for every personal or digital interaction. Picture a time where via a single device a user can talk, text, chat, browse, send and receive videos, email and more – “wait a minute, “that time is now“. Multi-channel is now the principal channel (s) – it’s time to so serve your customers on their time their way or they may not be your customers for long.

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