Employee Experience is now firmly embedded into the conversation around the Modern Workplace, so what does it really mean?

Employee Experience largely borrows concepts and approaches from the customer experience mind-set and applies these to the employee perspective.

It seeks to understand and improve all the employee touch points. This could be anything from attracting talent and on-boarding through to how the employee performs their job and how they get rewarded.

Let’s break it down into the three focus areas Technology, Culture, and Physical. Each of these areas need to consider how they impact the employee experience.


The technology an organisation uses is a crucial component in a positive employee experience. It needs to consider the right tools and resources people need to get the job done. This usually starts with a discussion around the kind of devices employees have, do they have the right laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc, but it’s also needs to broaden to cover other elements such as their collaboration tools and business applications. Increasingly, we are aligning to user personas, where we are giving the right user the right services with a level of choice that is relevant to them.

This element is the traditional heartland of Computacenter’s services and solutions and something that has been integral to our Digital Me strategy for some time.

The key consideration here is to ensure the experience is consumer like, robust and reliable. Giving the user that modern workplace capability and supporting their needs.

Above all else, technology should make it easier for people to do what they need to do when and where they need to do it.


The culture consists of the values, attitudes and relationships that exist in the workplace. It’s the feeling we get from being at work and working with our colleagues. This can manifest itself into a series of statements about the company that result in how we feel about our work.

  • Do you feel energised when you go into work, or do the hours drag by?
    • How does your company treat you?
    • How do you get communicated to? –  Do they have an email culture, or do they use other methods and channels?
    • How do you like to be communicated to? – Do you ignore emails and only respond to calls?

These emotions and statements and many more like them, make up the culture of an organisation.

As part of Computacenter’s Workstyle Analysis service, we often find that we are uncovering various aspects of the culture within an organisation. This provides us with great insight into how employees feel about their work and the services that they use and how the other elements such as technology and physical effect their overall experience.


The physical environment is an essential part of the employee experience. Providing the employee with flexibility in how and where they work is a hot topic right now.

This often means we need to consider and factor in the ways people want to work. Increasingly this means choice; providing environments from hot desking to huddle rooms ensures the employee can work how they want to. Providing the right environment for the right task.

Computacenter are ideally placed to help with these challenges, our raft of capability from Meeting room solutions, video conferencing through to our smart building infrastructure and cabling services means we have solutions to meet these needs and create that engaging and modern environment.

The goal here is to provide the right spaces that can foster more connections, improve collaboration and even act as a representation of the customers values and culture.


The combination of all these elements makes up the employee experience.

This sum is key to the overall success of the organisation and how it is perceived by its employees. Improving the individual elements will only improve the overall employee experience and in turn make that organisation a go to place for its future employees.

Driving a better employee experience has always been at the heart of both Computacenter & Microsoft’s strategy.

Read our Many Faces of Work – Employee Experience executive briefing for further information on the subject.

About Neil Cant

Neil Cant is a Digital Workplace Solution Leader for Computacenter End User Services. Working closely alongside our partners, customers and vendors to develop Computacenter’s workplace strategy and represent that externally to our clients and the market. Neil focuses on supporting his customers through their Digital Transformation priorities, and evangelising “Digital Me”, Computacenter’s response to the needs for modern workplace environments.

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