Why companies are shifting to IT-as-a-service

Fast access to the software and solutions you really need. This has become the cornerstone of any successful organisation. Many enterprises need to keep their IT budget under control, but they also require a swift response to changes in order to continue doing business. The answer is to run IT as a business rather than a fully controlled department. IT-as-a-service has the ability to shift depending on the needs of an organisation.

We live in a very different world than ten years ago. Most of us did not have a smartphone, and the word ‘tablet’ wasn’t automatically associated with a mobile computer. Since then, the emergence of these devices has changed every dimension of our society. There is nothing in our lives that is not connected to the internet. For almost every problem we have a digital solution at hand. This digitisation has been very challenging for businesses and entire industries, but there is always one clear winner: the customer.

Customers have an abundance of choice in products, services and even the way they interact with a company. Just a few years ago, a digital interface was a nice thing to have for a brand. Today, businesses simply cannot survive if they don’t provide their customers with digital solutions. Digital transformation is part of the short- and the long-term strategy of almost every company in the world. It changes operations and processes in all departments of an organisation. Digitisation runs like a thread through every business model.

Simplifying IT

Every decision now ultimately leads to one department: IT. The boys and girls that we used to run to with our hardware issues are now at the centre of every operation. Speed and flexibility have become the most important words in a company’s dictionary. That is why many enterprises are frustrated when the IT department is unable to keep up with their demands. They want fast access to software and tools, but it often takes a long time to deploy solutions within an organisation’s infrastructure.

Simplifying IT is probably the most common challenge for modern enterprises. Customers want to be served in no time and companies expect the same from IT services. To keep up with demand, IT departments also spend a large part of their budgets on overcapacity. It is impossible to predict the future and they don’t want to risk shortages. Overprovisioning is costing companies a small fortune. Chances are that this extra capacity will never be used, so you can probably imagine better ways to spend this money.


The features of IT-as-a-service are simple: it offers companies much more choice, it allows them to pay only for what they use, and they get access to solutions much faster. This also changes the role of the IT experts in a company. They no longer need to focus on routine jobs anymore just to keep the light on but can shift their attention to finding innovative solutions that benefit the customer and the organisation.

Another important advantage of IT-as-a-service is the fact that companies can better predict their IT costs. Models usually work with monthly fees, while subscriptions can be easily adjusted or cancelled. As the business grows, scaling becomes easier without additional costs that often come as a surprise.

Organisations are also struggling to move their applications to a cloud environment. Many companies cannot migrate all data and applications to the public cloud for security and compliance reasons. However, IT-as-a-service can introduce you to a hybrid environment where enterprises enjoy the best of both worlds. It brings the benefits of a public cloud experience to the on-premises infrastructure of organisations.

Moving to IT-as-a-service can be a challenge for organisations but will ultimately provide the speed and flexibility to thrive in a changing world. Processes and operations will become more efficient, while creating the resources for companies to meet their customers’ needs. Who knows what the world will look like ten years from now? One thing is certain: we must be prepared for any change that comes our way.

Computacenter is a trusted IT partner of several organisations. To simplify our customers’ IT, we propose HPE GreenLake. This is an IT-as-a-service offering that brings the cloud experience to your on-premises infrastructure.

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