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Helen Croft, CRN Women In Channel Award Nominee 2020

At Computacenter, we have a strong commitment to promoting, encouraging and progressing the careers of women in tech, and are delighted that this year we have 9 amazing nominees in the CRN Women in Channel Awards 2020! To even be nominated is a fantastic achievement for our talented, hard-working and passionate group of nominees and we would like to send a huge congratulations to all of them.

We are going to be highlighting their individual achievements and journeys to show just how well-deserved these nominations are. The next blog in this series is written by Helen Croft, Workplace Solution Specialist, who reflects on her rewarding career with Computacenter so far.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Helen Croft, a Workplace Solution Specialist at Computacenter. 

I joined the Computacenter team back in 2012, following a 10-year career at Bank of America where I was lucky enough to work across several roles, both at individual contributor and leadership levels. During this time I was given the opportunity to work with some phenomenal people, developing their skills and shaping their careers, as well as my own.

Supporting others has always been incredibly important to me, and the pride I felt in my early career years in seeing others develop and progress – while still developing myself – will stay with me forever.  

My Computacenter career so far

I started my time at Computacenter as an Inside Sales Manager back in January 2012, leading two regional internal sales teams who were providing daily support to customers globally.

The team were truly a pleasure to lead; focused, determined, and with absolute drive to strive forwards and deliver exceptional service to our customers. For 4 consecutive years the team progressed, strengthening and growing as a team both in terms of performance and indeed as a group of people genuinely stronger by being a collective. 

One of my proudest moments, in 2015, was when the team were recognised as Inside Sales Team of the Year for their 2014 performance. A fundamental moment for the team and an incredible moment at our annual Sales Kick Off. 

On stage at the Computacenter Group Kick Off event in 2015

In 2016 I took the opportunity myself to join our customer facing sales force, moving into the workplace specialism that I’m still working in today, supporting our customers with workplace services and solutions.   

Moving into the sales team presented a different dynamic; moving towards a unique contributor role, and allowing me to personally explore my true potential within sales. This is an opportunity I have relished, enjoying the customer facing interaction, virtual team orchestration, whilst still working with teams of people to deliver customer outcomes. 

Working through the Coronavirus crisis

2020 has been an interesting year to date. COVID19 has of course impacted a number of plans, but the relationships I have with customers has allowed me to continue progressing our various sales opportunities. I’ve also been incredibly proud to mentor a number of newer sales people into the Computacenter team, and am honored to be nominated in the CRN Women in Channel Awards.

This is incredibly humbling as a sales person, and I am so unbelievably proud to represent the sales team for Computacenter at the CRN awards; it’s also something I hope will help to inspire my two little ladies, Katie and Chloe.   

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