In the midst of digital transformation don’t forget “People Matter”

We view the world through filters created by our personal perspective of “self”, the environment, experiences and our interaction with others. The end result could infer the current human state of “normal” may not really exist with the social concept hard to anchor to anything consistent or common.

The current “digital world” further compounds this state by allowing us to create a digital secondary, individualised “own view” of the “human experience” augmented by technology personalised to our social or working desires. Why all of the fluffy prose, there is no universal guarantee this new digital world of “self” delivers an ideal one with the endless change creating as much personal and emotional instability as it does excitement and enthusiasm. People matter, the feelings of people matter, the dreams of people matter – and now in the midst of the wave of “technology is the answer” dialogue, we will all do well to focus a lens or shine a light on the importance of continually reinforcing “people matter”.

I often labour when discussing personal development with our graduate new starters that personal development is owned by and starts with the individual, not the organisation. The best “YOU” that you can be becomes the best you for all who interact or experience you (both in and out of the work domain). But the organisationor the employer plays a massive part in that ongoing development by continuing to acknowledge and signpost personal development as a fundamental enabler of business differentiation.

It fills me with pride that I have been appointed as the UK country unit person within the Computacenter “People Panel” team to work with our Human Resources function to ensure we maintain our effort on inclusion, empowerment and the development of our people to ensure Computacenter continues to deliver an employee development experience second to none. No one really knows what the future holds but a few things are guaranteed, it will still be a world of people, for people, driven by people and their experiences – technology will purely assist those people to maximise their experiences and potential. The digital and technology evolution occurring now and potentially forever more will deliver an amazing ride for all, but don’t let it become more important than the “people” it serves.

Until next time.

Colin W


Chief Technologist Computacenter UK, Networking, Security and Collaboration


About Colin Williams

Colin is Computacenter's Practice Leader for Networking, Visual Collaboration & Security @colinwccuk

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