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Round Up on 2015….

As has become customary, my final blog of the year is a reflection on 2015 with some crystal ball gazing as to what may befall us in 2016.

2015 has flown by at a pace, and it’s continued to be a very exciting time in the Workplace and Mobile market.  The SMAC stack is still providing the technical capability that underpins many of the Workplace transformation we are seeing, however 2015 has seen us leverage SMAC to focus on the “Digital” agenda that seems now to be dominating conversations.

The market has continued to be volatile.  Whilst not strictly my area of expertise, no commentary on 2015 could ignore the mammoth Dell/EMC arrangement and the impact it has had and will have on the market.  Equally from Citrix, we’ve seen significant strategic activity with their long standing CEO standing down from his post and the Elliot group taking a significant stake in ownership and direction of the business moving forwards.   What this will mean to Citrix and the market in 2016, under increasing competition from VMWare in their “core” technology area remains to be seen.

We also saw the launch of  Windows, with good success and feedback overall from the market…. Even I am using it on my device (the fact the Start Button has stopped working probably justifies the prevalent guidance that mass adoption into enterprise should wait a while yet!).  However with at last estimates some 120m devices running Windows 10, and a lot of customer interest in pilots and trial deployments – its poised for success.

Around the Microsoft portfolio we’ve also seen other significant developments, Office 365 continues to be highly relevant – and will no doubt approach ubiquity from a Business Productivity perspective, and the Microsoft UK data centres were a big announcement last quarter that hopefully we’ll see come online late in 2016.

As we looked out from 2014 into 2015 I commented on wearables.  This year we gained the Apple Watch, but pretty much lost Google Glasses.  This serves to remind us that we’re looking at an immature market – the potential for innovative use cases is far away from meaningful outcomes as yet.   That said, the whole topic of “things” (IOT) has exploded and is now front of mind for many businesses for the potential opportunities it brings to improve current services and exploit new opportunities.

Without doubt the major trend for 2016 will be “Digital” focussed.  The opportunities seem endless, whether exploitation of Digital in channel strategies or development of a Digital Workplace as just two examples.  What is commonly termed as “two speed” (or Bi-modal) IT was sign-posted in last year’s blog post, and is now almost mandatory in order to manage the complex world of “classic” and new technology platforms and solutions to meet business objectives.

Much as this time last year, we await the New Year with excitement, whilst also expecting volatility, some uncertainty and a great deal of opportunity!  Can’t wait to get started!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

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