Computacenter Wins 7 lots on the coveted Welsh IT framework.

Our Cardiff office is at the heart of our Wales operation, which has grown 10 fold since the start of the previous Value Wales Framework ITEAS. This increase in business has seen additional skilled jobs including an additional Customer Executive as well as our first trainee for our prestigious Graduate Entry Program. More recently, we appointed three Cardiff-based technical sales people for our Workplace, Datacenter and Network businesses. In addition, a number of our UK wide consultancy team, engineers, service delivery personnel, project staff and technical specialists are now employed from the Wales office.

Since the inception of ITEAS in 2012 we have seen our customer base grow from 18 to 42. With the increase in customer base and technology scope we have been able to work with vendors across the Workplace, Datacenter & Network to drive down the cost of products and solutions.

With Computacenter’s expertise Welsh customers have experienced both innovation and cost savings including;

  • An Agile and Dynamic Datacenter project created for a number of authorities in South Wales.
  • Agile mobility solution was implemented for a number of Local Authorities in West Wales
  • An innovative procurement route for North Wales was created to meet their individual needs.

Computacenter have been awarded a place on 7 lots including;

  • Lot 1: Desktop Software and Associated Products and Services
  • Lot 4: End User Hardware and Associated Products and Services
  • Lot 5: Infrastructure Software and Associated Products and Services
  • Lot 6: Servers, Storage and Storage Devices and Associated Products and Services
  • Lot 7: Network Equipment and Associated Products and Services
  • Lot 8: Network Firewall and Associated Products and Services
  • Lot 12: Integrated Systems

This enables Computacenter to continue growing the Welsh business by making investments in both people and the technology we offer to our customers. Computacenter and the One Wales team will be continuing to work with Wales and Welsh Customers to increase innovation and drive down costs associated with the Public sector.

This new framework gives Computacenter a great opportunity to continue our strategic growth, enables us to work with Welsh customers to drive costs and increase innovation and offers Wales better value for money.

About James Sylvester

James is a Public Sector specialist who has the responsibility of creating the route to market for the sales team through the multitude of frameworks. He works with the Cabinet Office, Government Digital Service and the Crown Commercial Service to support our propositions, major campaigns and opportunities.

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