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An update from our 2015 Associates

So why choose IT as a career?

Welcome to the November edition of the associate’s blog, I’m James Cruickshank, a sales associate aligned to the Majors sector. A few weeks ago, as part of Computacenter’s graduate recruitment drive, myself and a few other associates represented Computacenter at a university careers fair promoting CC’s graduate programmes and placements. Whilst there, a common question asked by students was why choose IT as a career?  Therefore this month I’m going to talk about IT and why, although an industry that can be overlooked by graduates, it’s a great place to be for any new graduate or school leaver seeking a challenging, dynamic and exciting career.

Firstly, as technology continues to develop, so does the IT industry.  New products and innovative solutions entering the market mean the industry is a very fast-moving and dynamic one. Technological developments such as the emergence of cloud and mobility based technologies, for example, have changed the ways in which people work and interact with each other.  The fluidness of the market means that as IT professionals we never stop learning and are constantly presented with new challenges. From a personal perspective, being part of an industry that in five years, let alone ten, will be a very different one to now is a very exciting prospect.

Secondly, because IT is an essential component for businesses to optimise efficiency and maintain competitive advantage, it gives IT professionals the opportunity to be at the forefront of some of the world’s largest organisations, recommending, implementing and maintaining the most effective IT solutions. To put the scale and importance of IT in business into context, 20 million British workers currently use some form of IT every day as part of their job. For me personally, having the opportunity to influence the future of large corporations was a crucial factor that drew me to the industry and Computacenter. I’ve certainly not been disappointed as so far I’ve been lucky enough to have been exposed some very high-profile projects where Computacenter are visibly shaping the future of some of the UK’s largest organisations.

Last but not least IT is a great career because it’s FUN! Sure, we work hard but we like to enjoy ourselves along the way. Being on the associate programme I’ve been fortunate enough to rotate across the business, attending numerous Computacenter and industry events. One example of this was the sector volleyball tournament, a great way to have fun and bond with colleagues outside of the office.

Above all,   IT maybe wasn’t where I expected I’d end-up but, after 11 months at Computacenter I haven’t looked back.  Being on the associate programme, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have received a second to none introduction to the industry.

If you’re considering it, take the plunge and apply, you won’t regret it!



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