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An update from our 2015 Associates

“Stand out from the Crowd”

Well, it’s that time of the year again… It’s time to start thinking about bringing future talent on board at Computacenter, via the Sales and Service Associate Programmes.  This blog is going to cover what steps you have to take to get onto both Associate Programmes and it will also provide some hints and tips along the way, which I hope will prove to be beneficial for those looking to join the Programme either internally or externally.


It’s been a year since I started the application for the role as a Sales Associate and as the other Associates have alluded to, time has absolutely flown by.  Applying for the role at Computacenter was a long yet enjoyable journey from the first part of the application to the final call offering you a role as an Associate

First glen blogof all, if you’re interested in joining the Programme, apply online and send off your CV. Once this has been checked, the next step is to complete a verbal and numeric reasoning test.  After this you will need to get in front of the camera.  A one minute pitch will be required to explain why you believe you are the right candidate for the role.  A tip for this is to be natural, clear and concise.  Think about what the role entails and match this to what you have done in the past to impress the assessors.

Once you’ve done well in front of the camera, it’s time to interact with some of Computacenter’s employees. There will be a face to face interview with a member of Senior Management and also a current Associate. This will be a competency based interview, so it’s important that your answers are detailed and clearly demonstrate what you have done. Think about using the STAR technique to structure your answers.

  1. Situation – an overview of the context of an example
  2. Task – What you had to do
  3. Action – What action did you take which demonstrated a competency, behaviour or skills
  4. Result – What was the result

You will have the chance to quiz one of the current Associates about what they have been up to during their time in the role. The interviews are normally based in one of the regional offices and last around an hour.

So you’ve had your time in front of the camera and you’ve really impressed a member of Senior Management and an Associate, pack your overnight bag as you’re off to two day Assessment Centre in Hatfield. You won’t find a better assessment experience at many other companies. On the first night you have the chance to sit down and have dinner with members of our Leadership team.  I know that it sounds obvious but interact with everyone there and think carefully about what questions you ask and answers you give – you are being assessed from the outset.

Wake up, have your breakfast and head over to the head office in Hatfield for the second day of assessments.  This is the opportunity to really have your time to shine.  Throughout the day you have the opportunity to work in a group and provide a sales pitch, there is a panel interview, the opportunity to interview a member of the Leadership team and finally you will have five minutes at the end to leave a lasting impression with a “why me” presentation.  Come prepared, be engaged and try to enjoy the assessment centre as much as possible.  Be warned however, it does take it out of you.  After my assessment last year I woke up at 3am on the sofa still in my suit.

Once the assessment centre has been completed, those that are successful will get a phone call from a member of the Leadership team offering you the job.  You can then sit back and relax until the Associate Programmes start in January.

If you’re looking to apply this year, I hope that this has helped and for those of you who may be interested in how the assessment process works, I hope that this has provided a good insight.  Even if you have friends or family, which you may think would like to apply, please see the link below to the application page.

Next month we will hear from Jon Newsham, who will discuss what life is like as a Service Management Associate.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions around applying for the Programme or the Programme in general, then please don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Glen Bridges

Sales Associate

Migrating to the Crown Hosting Datacentre

Crown Hosting Data Centres is a framework contract and joint venture, to deliver legacy hosting services. With a Cloud First policy and the prevalence of GCloud, many Government legacy applications will migrate to the cloud yet hosting arrangements do not have the maturity to deliver effective transitions. This is where the Crown Hosting Data Centres come to the fore – to provide a secure and cost effective home for those applications.

The framework is open to the whole of the public sector aiming to work as one Government customer. This has enabled lower prices and better terms than each individual department can deliver on their own.

Crown Hosting Data Centres state-of-the-art facilities will enable Technology Leaders to keep legacy systems running and significantly reduce power costs. It will also provide the platform to design and develop new services based on user needs. Importantly, it will also give an effective overview of legacy estates and where it sits. This will help reduce over-specification and standardise what government needs from a legacy hosting environment.

So how do you get there? How do you migrate? How will your data be assured? How will you ensure the security and integrity of your systems?

Computacenter has an Optimised Data centre Migration Approach; an end to end and systematic solution encompassing the transition of data, applications to physical and virtual machines. We’ll manage your data, your physical machines and will deliver a true end to end migration service into the Crown Hosting Datacentre.

The physical act of moving is probably the most straight forward task. We use specialist relocation partners, Technimove whose security cleared and trained engineers deliver to defined architectures. But the real task is in the planning and preparation. We’ll audit your environment to deliver a detailed map of interdependencies with other devices including all your applications and the users they support.

We’ll create business cases for you which include the payback time. We’ll also work with you to define how this is communicated into your business and how we can minimise the impact of change. Our team will give you a thorough view on risk and security. We’ll test out strategies and proof of concepts in our Solutions Centre prior to any move and even do pilot physical moves.

Our consultants remove your management overhead, optimise your assets and define how we can make your data and infrastructure more efficient prior to the lift and shift. Our infrastructure design will ensure you maximise the Crown Hosting benefits on offer, making the most of the power, connectivity and security. We’ll then define, audit, plan and design migration strategies with you. Our management system controls the procurement and logistics, manages all assets and professional services and delivers a reduced risk outcome.

And what next? We will deliver cost effective solutions in line with your business outcomes. This means offering ongoing support, maintenance and managed service contracts for your new infrastructure. And the good thing? We’ve done this all before. For banks, transport companies, technology and utility companies and, of course, Government customers.


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