EMC World Day 1 Announcement Summary

It was an interesting but different opening keynote session at emc world in Las Vegas this morning; the noticeable absence of Joe Tucci pointing to future sessions as the federation moves forward.

The other thing of note was the inclusion of a significant amount of hardware announcements, for a company moving rapidly towards a software defined world this was pretty unusual.

As the session opened David Goulden CEO of EMC II reminded us that software is the enable of the connected world, how software enables connected devices and how our expectations of technology and data have changed.

Ultimately we have all become part of the Information Generation.

What followed therefore felt a bit strange; it started to feel a bit old-school EMC. As you would expect the product announcements made sense, but the continued focus on infrastructure was not what I expected.

The first major announcement was the launch of VX Rack, targeted to provide Hyper-Convergence at a datacenter scale. The number associated with the launch were admittedly pretty impressive, scaling from 4 to 1000 nodes the VX Rack can provide up to 38PB and up to 240M IOPS. whilst I’m still not sure why I would actually want 240M IOPS it is an impressive number, certainly more then the 24 IOPS I managed to tweet at the time (I’m blaming auto-correct).

Where VX Rack fits between VSpex Blue and VBlock I’ll endeavour to find out across the coming days and report back here.

The second major announcement was the release of Xtremio v4.0, dubbed ‘The Beast’ and launched by David Goulden and Guy Churchward to much fanfare including a caged ‘Beast’ being released into the wild.

With this release comes the availability of the 40TB C-Brick, and with up to 8 such Bricks in an array the overall raw total becomes 320TB. Free upgrades for customers with v3 arrays should be available at an unspecified time this year. With the hardware upgrades comes enhancements in the software with the array such as enhanced management, data protection and cloud integration functionality.

The third announcements was the release of the Data Domain 9500, promising 2x every feature of previous models.

In summary, this morning’s announcements seemed slightly disappointing for those of us that are regular attendees at this event. Enhanced hardware offerings are fine for what they are but hardly earth-shattering. Speaking with other attendees this feeling was shared amongst many others, a general disappointment, but surely there is more to come across the week.

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