Archive | April 27, 2015

Public Sector Procurement – delays?

With just over two weeks to go before the election, the temptation is still present to delay procurement decisions, to hold back on releasing strategies and to avoid hanging your hat on investment decisions.

The problem is that it isn’t just a case of a couple of weeks. If you roll back to 2010, the Purdah period and the creation of the Coalition seemed to stretch these decisions. Weeks became months before business as usual was resumed. The IT Managed Service Framework (RM707) was a casualty of this delay.

Is this the case now? In our view, apparently not. Major bids and campaigns are still being released. Pre Qualification Questionnaires have snuck in before Purdah and the announcement of the Crown Hosting DataCentre Ltd joint venture suggests this was contracted in a record breaking 6 weeks! We also hear today that the Crown Commercial Service will be announcing the intention to award places on the ITMS replacement, Technology Services Framework (RM1058). Critical as another route to market for the success of Crown Hosting .

So the wheels haven’t fallen off Government Business. It is still in rude health. For now. No one can anticipate how things may change from May 7th. Watch this space…

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