An update from our 2015 Associates

A Brilliant Start at Computacenter

Welcome to the first blog written by Computacenter’s 2015 intake of new associates. This year the intake includes 7 Sales Associates and 5 Service Management Associates.


Our first day as Associates at Computacenter

Stepping through the doors of Computacenter the morning of the 12th of January 2015 was an adrenaline-fuelled jumble of feelings from overwhelming excitement to extreme anxiety. Fortunately the wonderful welcome from everybody calmed these nerves and the last two months have flown by. I’ve experienced a whole host of additional emotions since, although some of these can be attributed to being so close to the England Rugby Team at the Millennium Stadium for our annual UK Sales Kick Off!



Our first three weeks in the company were based in Hatfield for our induction. We had many introductions from some inspirational speakers, such as Mike Norris (CEO), Chris Webb (Group COO) and Kevin James (Director of UK Country Unit). Pete Groushko (Sales Manager for Workplace), Mark Griffin (Datacenter Solutions Manager), the Sector Directors and many more also gave us their personal Computacenter journeys.  Aside from the crucial insight from senior managers, we had a number of extremely useful sessions including the IT solutions life cycle 101, sales 101 and current trends in IT.
One of the most interesting days included in the induction was Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) training. SDI is a self-assessment tool that helps us understand what it is that gives us a sense of self-worth and what’s important to us when relating with others. It allows us to understand what motivates us and therefore how to build effective relationships both professionally and personally. In relation to the sales process this will improve performance through: effective communication; more positive thinking; creating energy within individuals and teams; enabling more constructive debates; reducing stress and the cost of conflict.

UntitledFollowing on from our induction we have all been on rotations through departments in the company. So far I have spent time with Inside Sales, my own sector (Capital Markets and TMT) and look forward to the Partner Management rotation next month. A successful team makes a deal happen. Therefore, rotations enable us to grow strong networks and develop the underlying skills needed to be a great salesperson and work together as a business to succeed. A fundamental understanding of roles and responsibilities within a team is imperative to maintaining the complex relationships established during a sale bid, successful win and a mutually beneficial, long lasting relationship with the client.

I would like to take this time to thank Sue Harris (Head of Knowledge & Associate Programmes) and Adriana Mills (Knowledge Campaign Manager) for organising a brilliant and invaluable three weeks and all those who took time out of their busy schedules to present to us.

Thank you for reading the first blog brought to you by the 2015 Associates. Tune in next month to hear from Tom O’Brian our Service Management Associate where he will be covering the important roles of our buddies, coaches, mentors and sponsors.

Please send us your thoughts,

Maria Oliver

Sales Associate

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