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An update from our 2014 Associates

The ship has a new bearing, and the engines are full steam ahead

In the last instalment Dan Nation mentioned the IT service Management Forum UK conference and discussed the service management community both in the wider market and within Computacenter.

Following Dan’s instalment around the services side of Computacenter, I would like to discuss the sales community within Computacenter and the fantastic event we hold for our sales staff. This is of course our UK Sales Kickoff.

Last Friday, all the UK sales force headed to the Celtic Manor resort in Wales. This began two intense days covering topics such as our 2015 approach (which I must add has a lot of maturity to it, and a completely different feel to last year’s) as well as training sessions on the current state of the IT market, and a review of the year gone by. Further to this, we have the opportunity to interact with our vendor and distribution partners to understand their 2015 go-to-markets with Computacenter, but also to strengthen and build new relationships. Our kick off would not be possible without the support of our partners, so I would like to thank our partners and everyone involved in making the Kickoff a reality. What a weekend it was!

“Our kick off would not be possible without the support of our partners, so I would like to thank our partners and everyone involved in making the Kickoff a reality. What a weekend it was!”

A quick mention is necessary to welcome the new round of associates to the company, who I trust you will be hearing from in upcoming blogs. This was their first UK Kickoff, and thinking back to last year I cannot stress how much this put the size and grandeur of Computacenter into perspective. As an associate you hear great things about your company from the people within it, but to hear how strategic we are to our partners at an event like this really lends credence to fact that we really are a market leader in every sense.

“Businesses aren’t driven by IT, they are driven by the IT users”

Writing this blog from our UK head office this Tuesday following such a fantastic weekend gives a chance to reflect back on the key takeaways from this event. IT is changing and companies challenges can be seen as sitting in two areas; the business enabling flashy end, and the more conventional IT that supports this (also called 2 speed IT). At Computacenter we are well positioned to assist customers manage the complexity this brings, and the kickoff really brought this to light. Fundamental changes in IT can be confusing (something an associate fully understands, trust me) but a clear focus helps make that easier; something that our company really has – the end user. Businesses aren’t driven by IT, they are driven by the IT users.

The message that really stuck is that the ship has a new bearing, and the engines are full steam ahead.

Thank you very much for reading. Please tune in two weeks time for the penultimate blog from AP14, written by Rianne O’Grady.

Sales Associates

The journey to software defined (something) will never be a destination

The Software defined datacenter (or enterprise) is now the must have discussion topic within the enterprise IT arena. It describes the evolution of IT services and solutions to leverage the power and flexibility of software to drive ever changing business outcomes.

‎But has anything really changed, hasn’t software always supplied the intelligence to hardware, whether it’s microcode on a piece of firmware, software that programs hardware dynamically, a basic operating system or ultimately a front-line application. In a word, Yes – but this time things may be slightly different. Software defined to varying degrees incorporates all of the above but this time with the onus on maximising the intelligence within software (and the speed new or different intelligence can be add in cycles a magnitude quicker than a hardware orientated design) and for many reducing the intelligence within hardware.pic

But as software defined starts to gain real momentum with valid use cases more prevalent, many of the earlier perspectives are shifting. The Holy Grail may not be a world of intelligent software and dumb hardware but smart everything (both hardware and software). The key to real software defined success moving forward, is an IT landscape built via systemic thinking delivering almost living or neural IT.  This infers the need for greater intimacy between software and hardware, real intelligent intimacy that uses intelligence to be “intelligent”.

Picture a modern smartphone – at present one of the best exponents of software and hardware working tightly in sync to deliver an end user experience (or service). Now think again at the real market leaders in the mobile space, emotion aside aren’t they the vendors where software and hardware (and both are highly optimised) operate in such a seamless and simple manner that enhanced agility and productivity become a by-product of it.

Does this challenge and dilute the possibly over hyped dreams of cost reduction and normalisation aligned with the software defined moniker, not really as commoditisation, the increased speed of virtually everything and improved inherent reliability within modern IT elements are resulting in more for less more often. But for software defined to really be the road ALL traverse, the magical amalgam of software and hardware working together with a level of almost human intimacy and intelligence is the journey that will compel the masses to join and accelerate.

Times are changing, changing times.

Until next time

Colin W

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Colin Williams is a Networking, UC and Security Chief Technologist for Computacenter. Please note the the content of this blog reflect the personal perspective of Colin Williams and not necessarily the viewpoint of Computacenter UK.

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