An update from our 2014 Associates

My name’s Andy Gibson and I am a Sales Associate aligned to the Financial Services and Retail Sector based out of Manchester. Last month Emma talked about her experience within the Networking Line of Business. In this post, I am going to discuss a few areas; the sales training we are currently going through which is based on a fiction case study of Tangerine Telecom, my Datacenter rotation and finally Neil Muller’s Manchester Branch Open Forum.

Tangerine Telecom is a key part of the Associate Programme that has run for many years. In the sales training we have been learning about the different processes of a sales cycle and how to approach customers; it’s fair to say it’s a lot more complicated than it looks! Having been through the third day of training (with two still to go) we are currently conducting a series of qualification calls with Computacenter employees acting as fictional customers. Something they all take very seriously! This became apparent when we called one individual their real name and he replied with “who is that”?! Although a little strange, this is great practice for future customer calls.

“Although a little strange, this is great practice for future customer calls.”

The sales training is based on the book written by Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig’s “Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play”, which focuses on moving away from the solution and onto helping clients to succeed. The aim of the training is to develop sales techniques that will ultimately help in our future roles. This will be tested by presenting to John Beard and Pierre Hall (Financial Services and Retail Sector Director, and Workplace Line of Business Director) in December.

Before our presentation to John and Pierre, we also have an individual presentation to Mike Norris (Group CEO), where he will play CIO of Tangerine Telecoms. I think this is one of the most important parts of the programme, as getting individual time with the Group CEO would be unheard of at any other company of our size… Wish us luck!

“Although it’s arguably the most complex line of business, the team did a great job in helping us to understand it at a high level.”

We are also still going through our usual rotations. Following the networking rotation Emma discussed last month, we have moved into the Datacenter Line of Business. Although it’s arguably the most complex line of business, the team did a great job in helping us to understand it at a high level. Whilst on the rotation we worked on a project based on IT Operational Analytics (ITOA); something that I hadn’t heard of prior to the rotation. At a high level ITOA helps business to make IT decisions based off machine data. If like me you haven’t heard of this, I encourage you to Google it. This rotation was concluded with a test, individual presentation and group presentation; intense to say the least!

I write this blog following Neil Muller’s (UK MD) Manchester Branch Open Forum. With no set agenda, the audience asked questions that Neil seamlessly addressed. He went on to give an update around the UK business and covered numerous other topics including the Manchester branch…we look forward to the future improvements! This was an extremely insightful session in a relaxed environment and I would recommend it to you all.

Thank you very much for reading. Next month, we have a blog from Liam Meeson, our Networking Line of Business Associate.

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