Transforming Perceptions

Hi, my name is Emma Aspinall and I am a Sales Associate aligned to our Commercial and Industry Sector. I would like to take this blog as an opportunity to share my first Line of Business rotation experience.

Each rotation lasts around 4 weeks and is rounded off with a final presentation back to the senior leaders of that Line of Business… No pressure. We are privileged to spend time with the Networking, Datacenter and Workplace teams, as well as a software specific rotation, before the Christmas break and these are pretty intense to say the least!

“We are privileged to spend time with the Networking, Datacenter and Workplace teams”

Aside from working on our sign off project, we use the 4 weeks to meet the vendors and shadow Specialists in action with Computacenter customers. We also allocate time to understanding our unique propositions together with our go to market strategy. Any spare time I had was spent on Google trying to find out what on earth everyone was talking about!

“So how has it been for you Em?” Well, in a nutshell it has been transformative (robots in disguise). Amongst peers and management it is easy to feel a little left behind, especially when you are surrounded by subject matter experts, who all talk tech! However, I must admit I’m starting to spot opportunities everywhere I turn, not just seeing customer problems – but identifying those problems that I now know Computacenter has solutions to.

A perfect example of this was my final day in my Networking Line of Business rotation. I started the day with a coffee and a weather update on BBC News. Unfortunately, my picture started to jump and we briefly lost connection … networking problem?! Latency issue? Need more bandwidth? BBC look no further!

I then grabbed my mandatory second coffee in a local coffee shop, where I struggled to connect to the wireless and when I finally did the connection was beyond disappointing … Maybe the access points are installed in the wrong place, maybe there aren’t enough at all!? Maybe the management system needs to be upgraded (have they thought about cloud)? They could definitely do with a Network survey…!

When I got back to the office and had the chance to digest some more of the morning news, I read about the iCloud hacking … Maybe there was an attack on the network and the appropriate security wasn’t in place? I had gone from network zero to network hero (by my own measurements admittedly) in the space of a morning and everything finally began to fall into place.

“For me, those who take time and invest in us are invaluable to our careers and we cannot thank you enough.”

Since day 1 at Computacenter we have been taught that people are our best assets. For me, those who take time and invest in us are invaluable to our careers and we cannot thank you enough. Our Networking Line of Business rotation transformed my perception, not only of networking, but of IT and its dominance in everyday life, which is something that is almost certainly taken for granted by Generation Z.

Thank you very much for reading. Next month, we have a blog from Andy Gibson, a Sales Associate aligned to our Financial Services and Retail sector.


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