An update from our 2014 Associates

Hello, my name is Mitchell Smith, I’m the Workplace Line of Business associate for the 2014 Associate Programmes. Last month, Sean discussed the Programme’s first major milestone – the first half yearly review presentation. Using milestones as an inspiration, I’d like to discuss my most recent achievement – my first sale.

Despite being me being on the Line of Business Sales Associate Programme, the nature of Computacenter’s business and customers means that the Programme’s focus isn’t directly selling. Instead, the programme is designed to prepare us for sales through building our understanding of the industry, building our understanding of Computacenter, and working on our personal development to ensure we’re ready before we stand in front of large customers.

“I’ve always believed that the best way to practice something is to try it.”

Despite sales not being the primary focus or expectation, I’ve always believed that the best way to practice something is to try it. Therefore, whenever I’ve been working within my Line of Business, I have tried to spend my time working to help the team with any opportunities they’re working on. This has evolved over the seven months that I’ve now been on the programme, and has gone from initially aiding with individual tasks, to helping with larger sections, and eventually culminating in working independently on opportunities (with the support of my mentor, coach and the rest of the team whenever needed of course).

In July, I was sent an email from an Account Manager asking for me to provide the response for a tender document for a new public sector customer, in a competitive situation. This was both a lot of pressure and very exciting! I finally had the opportunity to work on a deal with a brand new customer, where the Account Manager and I could build something from the ground up – something to call “my deal” rather than something I had assisted with.

I won’t go into too much detail around the actual process, other than to say that after a lot of long days and more than a few worried phone calls to my mentor for advice, the Account Manager and I received the notification that we had won the business! The seven months of learning about what we could do and how to present that effectively had paid off – I had an email from the customer awarding Computacenter the business!

“This experience really cemented in my mind how driven I am to pass the programme and move into the role.”

It was an amazing moment, easily the highlight of my career so far, and it instantly made all of the work that had gone into getting there completely worthwhile (the congratulations messages were great too…). The entire process was also incredibly valuable for my development, reinforcing how Computacenter’s scale, our experience and references, and our end-to-end services really differentiate us from the competition. This experience really cemented in my mind how driven I am to pass the programme and move into the role. Let’s hope that this sale is the first of many!

Thank you very much for reading. Next month, we have a blog from Emma Aspinall, a Sales Associate aligned to our Industry & Commercial sector.

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