The Rise of the Data-Only Datacenter?

In customer meeting there are a few words I try to avoid using; I try to avoid the C**** word,  I’m not keen on using B** D*** unless asked, the current buzz around S****** D****** can mean so many differing things to different people that it’s best to be very clear on precise definitions before starting conversations around it.

Invariably, however, these are terms that naturally come up in conversation; they are areas that challenge customers as we enter the fastest evolution of the IT industry that we have seen.

We’ve talked about Cloud (Knew you would use it at some point. Ed) for several years now and the adoption has grown, certainly over the last 18 months with usage now being mainstream.

Some of the recent announcements from vendors, particularly the messaging coming out of VMworld (Aug 2014), with their announcement of vCloud Air may attract more users to this type of solution to their business challenges, and for many organisations the case for consumption of resource in this manner is compelling.

However, in recent conversations with customers I’ve noticed and interesting trend; whilst the need for Compute resource and Data capacity continues its unrelenting journey on an upwards curve there is more selectivity about where these resources come from.

If data truly is the new natural resource, and the most valuable commodity on the world then a noticeable trend is to keep that value close to home. Whilst customers are happy to consume compute resources from outside their core Datacenter, and even the application layer being consumes ‘As a Service’ they are becoming increasingly keen to protect their data and house it locally.

There can be many valid reasons to keep data close to home; sovereignty, security, compliance and protection, but possibly Data is the Glue that holds the business operation together. Data Glue now there’s an interesting concept, watch this space….

About Bill McGloin

Bill is Computacenter's Chief Technologist for Information

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