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An update from our 2014 Associates

Where to begin? It’s been a whirlwind first five months at Computacenter and I can honestly say I’ve loved every second of it. I am John Charalambous, a Service Management Associate based in Edinburgh and aligned to Stewart Wise (Service Unit Director – North).

I’d like to start by thanking my blog-writing predecessors for an excellent job, setting the bar nice and high (really, thanks for that). As a recap – Charlotte began with our induction and her first rotation, Ben covered the UK Kick Off and his rotation in Contractual Services Line of Business, with Jack explaining what it is we all do as Associates (other than being fabulous, obviously).

In this blog I’m going to discuss what I’ve learned about why Computacenter is such a fantastic organisation to work for. Everybody has their grumbles in the workplace, but I’ve never worked for, or even visited somewhere so singularly enthusiastic about fulfilling their mission – to enable our customers to achieve their business goals.

The first reason I identified for this is the sheer level of drive from the top of the organisation. People like Mike Norris (Group CEO) and Neil Muller (UK MD) are so passionate about the business, it is completely infectious! Their approach is to include everyone in the business and spread the accountability – ask anyone what our FACE values are or how we performed financially last year. I’m certain that any Computacenter employee would answer correctly and with confidence.

A major reason that I have learnt so much on my Computacenter journey so far is the camaraderie in the company. I have never once been refused help, had a question go unanswered (and I really do ask a lot of questions!), or had any kind of negative experience when stumbling my way through the first few months. I’d like to personally thank the many, many, people who I’ve met and have been truly kind and generous with their time – it really is appreciated.

Another reason I find Computacenter so brilliant – the ‘business case culture’. The notion that anybody, anywhere in the business can build a case for improvement and challenge the status quo is magnificent and something I hope nobody takes for granted. I know of many large organisations that stubbornly operate in an inefficient way, needlessly placing additional burden on their staff. If they’d only stop and listen – the solutions are usually available. At our Company, we can be very proud that should you feel strongly enough about making an improvement, there is the process there to go and prove your idea can make a difference.

Making a difference seems like an appropriate point to finish the blog, go out and start doing exactly that!  You’ll get an update on our progress from my colleague Sean Eyles (Sales Associate) next month.

Thanks for reading,

Service Management Associate

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