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An update from our 2014 Associates

Hello, Bonjour and Hallo to the whole of Computacenter!  I’m Jack Parfitt and I am aligned to the Public and SI Sector.

I have been handed the daunting task of writing the third Associate blog post. During my time at CC a lot of people ask, ‘so what do associates actually do?’  With that in mind, I will endeavour to give you an insight into the life of a Computacenter Sales Associate……

Firstly the Sales Associate Programme is an 18 month programme with the end goal of becoming an Account Manager.  Over the 18 months we spend time in different areas of the business on ‘rotation’.

On the 13th of January 2014 I and 13 other associates turned up at Hatfield for our first day as Associates. We spent the first 3 weeks in Hatfield for an intensive ‘induction’ period; during this time we met senior people from all areas of the business who gave us an overview of their line of business.  These 3 weeks flew by and before I knew it I was being sent out into the business to start my first rotation.

For each rotation we are issued with a brief. We are expected to fully understand the functions and responsibilities for that area of the business and how it fits in to the wider group. This is achieved in a number of different ways; shadowing people, attending meetings and getting hands on experience doing the job.

At the end of each rotation we present to the Senior Managers  to demonstrate what we have been up to and what we have learned, we are then marked on this. The marks are then collated and turned in to a percentage to dictate how much we receive for our performance related bonus at the end of the year.

Spending time with different teams around the business allows us to build our network and meet people we otherwise wouldn’t have met. It also allows us to develop a better understanding of what Computacenter actually does and how we fit in to that as future account managers.

What else do we get up to? Every 6 months we have to present to Neil Muller and Mike Norris. These are fast approaching as our first ones to Neil are in July, wish us luck!

Last week we all had dinner with Mike Norris, Sue Harris, Clare Parry-Jones and Isabelle Roux-Buisson who is the new Managing Director of Computacenter France. The dinner was great, we got so speak to Mike on a personal level and find out what makes him tick. I also got to put my GCSE French to the test, which didn’t go so well, I quickly resorted to speaking to Isabelle in English.

I hope I have given you a little insight to what we associates do and what we have been up to. So far I am thoroughly enjoying myself and looking forward to the upcoming challenges.

Sales Associate

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