the Wireless Network – “your best Christmas present”

How times have changed. As we embraced the festive season the presents under the tree have also changed. The Christmas tree present pile has evolved from an abundance of socks and badly fitting jumpers, through basic electronic toys and items (that ate batteries as if they were free), through to mobile communications devices that started as phones and soon became lifestyle accessories to now where just about everything requires network connectivity to something else. And that’s “something else” more often than not is the Internet or a mobile communications network.

From ages 6 to 66 (people do exist outside of that range but the alliteration reads well) we tore open our Christmas presents, plugged in a charging cable (as the era of disposable batteries seems long gone) and in a matter of minutes felt the real joy of Christmas when the electronic widget took its first digital breath. If raises the question, “what was the most important household element this Christmas”?  Was it food, TV repeats, a well earned rest – potentially. But more likely for many households (especially with children) it was NONE of the above – can I suggest it could have been “the wireless network”.

As you ponder whether I remain in a post Christmas state of madness I am basing my view in part on the following:

No “wireless network (and that includes WIFI and mobile communications networks)” equals

  • No Facebook
  • No Twitter
  • No Instagram
  • No wireless console games (xbox, playstation)
  • No mobile phone communications.
  • No wireless music streaming
  • No wireless TV streaming
  • No digital tablets connected to online resources
  • No cordless landlines
  • No Internet access.

I could go on.

But even with the loose validity of the examples highlighted many of you will state, a cabled network connection will also connect many of the devices to the internet and with it all would be well. My, challenge – “where will that cable plug into” on a smartphone, tablet, handheld games console, cordless landline phone and so on.

I hope this blog spawns your own “eureka” moment as you start to consider the impact and fundamental importance wireless networks now have on our everyday lives – where in reality “no wireless network” is no longer an option.

With that, my closing words point back to you for a final thought – “imagine your Christmas day, Boxing Day but with the wireless network failed (no WIFI and mobile phone networks)”. Its only technology but would it really feel like Christmas?  Interesting thought.

Hope you had a great Christmas and let’s all have a wonderful 2014.

Until next year

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