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New Infographic: Is your WLAN ready for the mobile deluge?

More users and devices are flooding the corporate WLAN than ever before, with many using public wifi to access their corporate network. Computacenter’s survey reveals how traditional WLANs are not designed for the heavy demands of connectivity, so organisations need to get their wireless security and capacity right in order to realise the full benefits of mobility in the workplace. Read more at:

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Is your WLAN ready for the mobile deluge?

Is your WLAN ready for the mobile deluge?

Welcome to the Sales Associate Blog – More than just a graduate programme!

Welcome to the Sales Associate Blog

Welcome to the Sales Associate Blog, written by Aaron Norris, Ian Revell, Tim Murphy, Anjalee Vyas and Richard Beeching – A.K.A the Sales Associates of 2012.

This is the first of our regular blogs, being written to provide some insight into our lives as associates, the selection process and the programme.  Hopefully this will be interesting and useful for anyone looking to join Computacenter as a Sales Associate (SA).  If you’re looking to get into Sales and have an interest in helping some of the UK’s top businesses achieve their goals, this is probably the place for you!

So you’re probably wondering what the Sales Associate Programme is? Aaron explains “This is an 18 month programme designed to produce the future generation of Computacenter’s sales force. The key factor Computacenter look for is potential, and so they aren’t necessarily looking for IT graduates with previous sales experience (if you do, then great!). Each of our current Associates has their own story prior to the programme and a unique background. Whether you have just finished your degree or you want a more challenging (and rewarding) opportunity than your current graduate role, the only thing you must have in common with us is a drive for success!”

So what brought us here? Well we all had a variety of reasons for joining Computacenter, many reflective of our backgrounds, Ian explains “I was looking to work for a company and in a role where I could take my previous sales experience to the next level and Computacenter certainly offered that in terms of professionalism, career development and overall opportunity. The selection process for the SA program really confirmed this for me, coming out of the last assessment day I knew that any company willing to put that much effort in their recruitment policy was definitely somewhere that I wanted to join.”

“The assessment process was lengthy, beginning with a telephone interview, following on to a one on one interview with a client director, and then a tough assessment day “explains Richard .  “Not only that but through the process you are exposed to a significant amount of the Senior Sales people as well as the MD and the CEO,  and this gives you a flavour of how highly regarded the programme is within the company. We’d all agree that it’s a tough process but definitely worth it.”

“We began the Programme mid-January and initially this felt like a daunting experience for all of us. We arrived at the Hatfield HQ on a cold Monday morning to be whisked away in to our customer suite to start the learning process” Tim recalls. “This process could not have been more organised if it tried, with people from all corners of the business dropping in to help us with the on-boarding process. One of these people was none other than Mike Norris, Group CEO to welcome us and wish us the best for our future! This was a true reflection of the level of commitment the company was willing to dedicate for our success, and has since pushed us forward to do our very best.”

“We’re now in mid-July, 6 months into the programme and it’s flying by”, says Anjalee. “The Programme is split up into rotations, like mini work placements where we work our way all around the company, from marketing, to bids, sales  etc…We’ve just begun our fifth rotation and we really value each rotation and love the exposure to the business we’re getting. The Programme is continuously pushing us to exceed even our own expectations and teaching us so much, and it’s these very factors that are keeping us really excited and passionate to succeed! “

We’ll be writing another blog next month to talk about the very inspirational Sales Kick Off and our journeys so far; we hope you’re as eager to read our next blog as we are to write it – see you soon!

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