One of The Greatest Security Road Shows is About to Roll in to Town!

Infosecurity Europe starts on the 23rd April and historically has seen the latest and greatest IT security products launched to fanfare, song and even scantily clad ladies all vying for the industry’s acclaim and market share.  

However in recent years the market has changed and we no longer have the luxury of waiting for the annual Infosec to launch new products – they’re released when ready as competitive edge has become all-consuming and the threat landscape unrelenting in its diversity and evolution.  At least the latter is what vendors will have you believe – the truth is that security mitigation is becoming a commoditised landscape which is no doubt why certain vendors have stayed away in recent years. 

But commoditisation doesn’t meant that the problem is fixed – you know how to mitigate known threats  – it’s the unknown that’s the big issue.  If you’re going to Infosec the following should be on your to do list – if you want a differentiated view of the vendor landscape please feel free to contact me: 

  • Ddos – Distributed Denial of Service Attacks – historically mitigated in the cloud – Ddos is getting smarter and moving closer to the application layer making it a harder problem to resolve in the cloud – a blended approach of on premise and cloud is evolving.
  • APTs – Advanced Persistent Threats – those threats that we don’t know or have a method for detecting are those pieces of malware written by teams focussed on breaching an individual organisation – brand focussed and hell-bent on financial gain – ignorance is no longer a satisfactory excuse and IT Security teams have to have an answer.
  • BYOD – Securing the device isn’t enough – If always on computing is going to become a reality we need to secure communication within the device and more importantly the applications communicating with one another on the device.
  • Risk Based Computing – Security used to be built around trusted devices, secure connections and 2 Factor Authentication to identify the user.  The threat landscape has changed this – it’s about untrusted devices, enablement and did I mention threat mitigation?  A risk based approach to computing, enablement and threat mitigation is about to be released to the market – remember you heard it here…
  • Cloud Computing – won’t become mainstream until we can secure the content – a cohesive approach to securing the cloud is the only way forward –naturally Computacenter has the answer. 

I’ll be at the show on Wednesday – for a lively discussion you can contact me through your account manager or this page.

About James Naylor

James is a Security Sales specialist at Computacenter with over 20 years experience in IT and 10 years focused within IT security. The threat landscape is continually evolving and with it the measures of mitigation – for a differentiated view of security why not talk to Computacenter?”

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