Fear Uncertainty and Doubt? Embrace the “New Normal”

Fear Uncertainty and Doubt or FUD has become a mantra with vendors – put simply get over it!

With one week to go until the RSA Security Summit  – The world’s changing, IT security is evolving and if the vendors are to be believed there’s a Cyber War raging on the internet!  Distributed Denial of Service (Ddos), State led hackivism and the ever present Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) all challenge your business led initiatives of mobility and enablement against a backdrop of Governance Risk and Compliance and gaps will exist in most security strategies.

Welcome to the “New Normal” – we don’t know what tomorrow’s challenges will bring but here, today business outcomes need to be delivered and the conventional network led approach to security whilst necessary isn’t the most efficient route to success.  Computacenter is speaking at RSA’s Security Summit on the 22nd April – come and hear about a different approach to resolving your security outcomes.


About James Naylor

James is a Security Sales specialist at Computacenter with over 20 years experience in IT and 10 years focused within IT security. The threat landscape is continually evolving and with it the measures of mitigation – for a differentiated view of security why not talk to Computacenter?”

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