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Are you “tomorrow’s CIO or networking lead – today?”

Its time to ask yourself “am I tomorrow’s CIO – today”? There are numerous surveys continuing to highlight the changing role and importance of today’s CIO and the business / professional expectations both now and next.

The role of a CIO or head of networking is evolving at a rate that is difficult to comprehend. What was once an IT role, then one of IT & business alignment and more recently IT & business innovation, is now all of the above and more – put simply it’s clear the outcomes expected from a CIO or networking head are now very different from yesteryear. Where do you fit in within the current state of flux, how do you “deliver” today whilst “appraised” of tomorrow?

The network is your friend not foe and holds many of the keys that will help to propel both you and your business forward. Fifteen years ago the network as we know it delivered connectivity often underpinned by tremendous operational stress – whether physical layer reliability issues (cabling), technical issues (some elements just didn’t work), or logical layer complexity issues (at the time much due to a lack of knowledge), the network for many was a necessary evil that only became important on failure.

If we fast forward to now, the network is currently one of IT’s biggest discussion topics – and the power of the network “helps to makes IT/us work in previously unimagined ways” – users require applications and services that turn human desires and outcomes into business logic (and vice versa). The network is the transport allows that interaction anywhere, everywhere, all of the time. Surely that means “tomorrow’s CIO – today” has a different relationship with the network than their predecessors as it is now a fundamental enabler of business change and execution. Equally that makes the networking head or aligned CIO key to the success of both today’s and tomorrow’s organisation.

It can no longer be just a discussion about cost, performance, reliability, flexibility, vendors, support – it’s all of the above and more but driven by a “relentless” appraisal of the business outcome desired followed then and only then by the conversations about network features and functionality. All too frequently the cost, feature / function discussion occurs far too early in the solution cycle and brings with it the potential to close the door on those dynamic “what if and how can we” outcome aligned conversations.

With all in mind the question is posed again, “are you tomorrow’s CIO today” and if so how WILL you leverage the network to deliver “tomorrow’s outcomes – today”. Now that’s real competitive advantage both for you and your organisation – and it will truly make you “tomorrow’s CIO right now”.

Many many moons ago with the series of milestone adverts featuring Muhammed Ali, Apple coined the slogan “Think Different” – now certainly is the time..

When we next revisit this subject we will touch on “tomorrow’s CIO” must know now technology topics.

Until next time

Colin W

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