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Video enriches the Queens Jubilee celebrations

As I watched the rather magnificent Queens Diamond Jubilee celebration events it emphasized to me the importance of video in the modern age. For one, I watched it in high definition in my living room with a level of quality that ensured I had an “experience” that felt like I was actually there (but thankfully not due to the rain and the nightmare of getting home).

Not only was the music, pomp and ceremony broadcasted to millions and potentially billions around the world (if you count the use of internet based video services), it was the use of video footage both past and present to stitch together the whole event.

The visual scenes from the top of the Mall of thousands of people crammed into such a small area but kept informed of the events at the Buckingham Palace end via massive video screens shows just how important and fundamental video can be to our current existence. Its an example of the use of video at its best totally invisible but highly visible.  How can you “make video work for you” within your organisation – note my question “how can you”, I am no longer trying to convince you that you need to? The dawn of the business video age is no longer when and if, it’s now.

Whether video is created, captured or shared, (and our current favourite solution, digital signage seems to do it all), video enriches our lives. And it’s only going to get better.

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