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Software to cost up to a third more – are you affected?

Whilst many of us are winding down for a well earned break over the extended bank holiday, our specialist software licensing team are bracing themselves for one of the busiest periods of the year – and this year is proving to be one of the busiest ever!

On top of the spike traditionally created Microsoft’s financial year end, we are also dealing with the additional demand created by Microsoft’s proposed increases to their UK volume licensing prices. As one of Microsoft’s Large Account Resellers (LAR) we have been asked for our viewpoint by the media and advice from our customers at an increasing rate.

You can see a recent article here Microsoft volume licensing costs to increase up to 33.5% and detail on our website here

It is all to easy to suggest that this news has been out in the market for many weeks now and everybody should have developed a strategy to deal with it – but is very apparent to us that the news is still landing for some of our clients or decisions are still yet to be made. It is our aspiration to try and make sure that we help avoid any unnecessary anguish for current and prospective clients by helping them develop a strategic approach to these changes and their software assets as a whole.

If you are still unsure of your options or just need some advice and guidance on our software solutions, feel free to contact me directly, contact your account manager or email

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