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Facebook – Will this brave new world be the right new world

Last Friday was one of those days that will be remembered in the history of modern IT. The one they have all been waiting for finally happened. No, that is not England winning a major football tournament in the post millenium era(sadly still waiting for that one), Facebook the poster child of the brave new social networking world has finally gone public. The share buying frenzy has started with industry watchers polarized on whether Facebook is a “must have stock” or a “wait and see if it’s a must have stock”.

For me whatever happens to the Facebook stock (and I hope for all of our sakes its good things), it is impossible to avoid the impact of Facebook on our social, professional and technical lives. It’s now our social communications norm, its now important to HR professionals within companies as any employee evaluation tool, its fast becoming the “marketing persons” dream platform and from an IT and networking perspective is forcing IT & networks systems to move and manage data at levels previously unimagined. Big data is another of those “buzz phrases” those in the know discuss at length but often struggle to point to easy to digest examples of Big Data at work. Facebook and the data generated and manipulated by its 800m users is a real world example of big data at work, doing work. With my networking, security and visual collaboration hat on imagine the daily challenge faced by Facebook to keep the data used by 800m users, secure, accessible, resistant to failure and available at high speed – 24x7x365. 

Now that’s how I like to see modern technology at work, solving highly complex problems, empowering the end user – but almost invisible to them. Maybe the Facebook share frenzy is justified after all.
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Colin Williams

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