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Are the exceptions of the PC era becoming the new assumptions of the Cloud era?

Last week, I spent some time in the US with one of our strategic software partners, Citrix. As an organisation, they have been on an impressive spree of acquisitions and product development that has resulted in a diversified portfolio that spans: online services; desktop and application virtualisation; cloud networking; cloud platforms and more recently file sharing. Not bad for a company that a decade years ago was known for mainly one product with revenues less than $1B!

One of the straplines that Mark Templeton (CEO, Citrix) used for his keynote was “the exceptions of the PC era are becoming the new assumptions of the Cloud era”. Clearly with a business focused on Mobile and Cloud you can understand why he feels that such a prediction should come true!

But it was noticeable to me during the week that the 4,000 or so attendees (less than 10% from EMEA) were embracing this message with the level of appreciation and hoopla that our rather less inhibited cousins from across the pond can sometimes exhibit! 🙂

We are undoubtedly going through a period of change in the way we consume and use technology (you only have to read through the variety of topics we have covered in the blogs more recently) despite this, most European businesses and public bodies have endured tough times in recent years. But, regardless of how painful the recession and however far-reaching its effects, technology has retained its power to cut costs and support business transformation – when implemented properly. Shiny devices and cloud computing may grab the headlines, but nowhere has the transformation of IT been more tangible and important to end users than in the workplace arena.

That’s fundamentally why we believe our clients are on the journey to a ‘contemporary’ workplace – it’s about getting modern and staying modern. However, we do appreciate that it’s also about the appropriate use of technology and what’s right for one type of company may not meet the needs of another. However, as with most industry inflection points, it becomes less of a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ will such a transition takes place? If the amount of investment, energy and innovation being driven by corporations such as Microsoft, VMware, Apple and Citrix continue at the pace we are currently experiencing, it could be here sooner than we may think!

If you’d like to take a look first hand at how Mark sees the future for his organisation meeting the industry challenge you can check it out here.

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