Is it time to stop talking about “the future”?

Hi all, my first post on the Computacenter blog.

As practice leader for networking, security and visual collaboration I am fortunate to be able to take a “customer centric” view of the market and the services we deliver without a vendor bias.  To that end expect a few left field views, sometimes tongue in cheek but I would like to believe always valuable (PS: The view are purely my own so please don’t hold Computacenter accountable).

 As I roam around on planes, trains and automobiles (I also walk every now and again) I marvel at the volume of marketing content that discusses “of the future”.  Reality check all – let go of this the future for a while and “do what you need to do today.  Save that marketing money on “future states and future messaging” and live it to shape it. As a generation W child (OK, probably generation X but I jest), I was born during a time when we dared to dream of what could be or might be. Whether it was hover cars, supersonic travel or the most paradigm shifting one of all “mobile telephones”, we dared to dream of the future but never expected technology to deliver. We sketched pictures, we built things with Meccano and Lego (yes Lego and it’s still around) and guess what our imagination probably surpassed what we really deemed possible. 

Fast forward to now, what technology solution can’t be formulated to solve the majority of the outcomes we seek today that will be our springboard to tomorrow? My abstract tip, religiously consider all solution deployment and enhancement from the view on the person who realises the final benefit (i.e. the buying customer, the employee) then you will worry less about the future and more about how to keep that end user happy now. Paradoxically if you ensure the end user is always happy in “the now” doesn’t that self manage the future (apologies for the use of dysfunctional English but I’m sure you get my drift).  

With the above in mind I spend as much time as possible listening to our customers and users of technology as the real world views and business perspective from them adds relevance to the strategies I formulate.

If you are interested in build IT services and solutions for the future, feel free to discuss that with others – however if you are interested in a dynamic approach to realise and live tomorrow, today – give me a call

Till next time.

Colin Williams

Twitter @colinwccuk

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Colin is Computacenter's Practice Leader for Networking, Visual Collaboration & Security @colinwccuk

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