Wake up Call?

So, just as I’m wrapping up for the Easter break there are reports circulating in the news of 500,000 Apple Macs being infected by a virus (Trojan). At the time of writing, this hasn’t been corroborated by Apple themselves but the early synopsis by a Russian security vendor is that this might be via Java on the platform rather than the Operating System itself.

Nether less, I have found a number of my Apple fanatical friends and associates to be insufferably smug about the fact that they don’t pay for or use Anti-Virus software…. but for how much longer I wonder? With all of Apple’s success recently, are we seeing the focus of the attack vector move from Microsoft to Apple?

‘Rude awakening’ or ‘flash in the pan’? I’m sure Security vendor’s marketing departments will be busy this weekend!

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Pierre is Business Line Director for Computacenter's Workplace & Software solutions.

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