Lenovo, on a mission…

Lenovo has had a great run of late and firmly cemented itself into the top echelon of global PC vendors.  The success of the business is built on the significant share of its home market China where it has just reported a record 35% market share for its fiscal 3rd quarter.  In China, Lenovo is as much a household name as Apple and that level of brand awareness has helped the company succeed in the burgeoning consumer market as well as enterprise.  However, this isn’t the case in much of the rest of the world where Lenovo is still largely confined to corporate customers, its heritage from the acquired IBM PC business.

One of my predictions for this year was that Lenovo would draw level with or even usurp HP to become the #1 global PC brand.  However, this will very much depend on whether they are able to replicate China’s strength in the consumer segment in Europe and the America’s.  An interesting statement of intent was the recent appointment of Gianfranco Lanci to run the European business.  Lanci is a 14 year veteran of Acer and therefore has a close affiliation with the consumer marketplace and the differing retail channels.

So should we be worried?  Whether Lenovo do become #1 or not is largely academic and although this is understandably important to the vendors themselves, it will remain a major force in the PC industry as will HP and Dell.  What would be concerning is if Lenovo took their metaphorical eye off the ball in the corporate market in their quest to gain momentum within consumer.  Given their recent management restructure that included many new appointments, I think it’s highly unlikely but will be keeping a close interest nonetheless.

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