Blackberry & Apple, a fruity tale…

Welcome to this first edition of ‘Public’ Rod Blog, something I hope will become a small but welcome aside in your busy life.  My role in Computacenter (from now on referred to as CC) sees me responsible for the end to end supply chain from customer quotation, order, procurement and delivery.  These blogs however will focus mainly on a mix of what our vendor partners are doing or about to do, my take on whatever it is plus unbiased views on what is happening in the IT market as a whole.  I’ve been writing an internal version of the Blog for some time now hence the ‘Public’ label above.  They’ve stimulated some response and debate and that in itself has made them worthwhile.  I hope this new version will do the same but time will tell.  Most importantly, I won’t be trying to sell you anything, that’s the job of the experts and we know how sensitive they can be!

I’ll start at the beginning and where better than Apple?  I don’t need to repeat the superlatives that accompany their continued financial success but can even they have foreseen the runaway success of the last few years?  And when they announce a new iPad (and what was wrong with calling it the iPad 3?), the fact much of the world can’t use the 4G component doesn’t seem to matter?  Instead, “I’ll have three please” is more likely to be heard than a complaint!  Compare this to the once mighty Blackberry.  Just last week we read reports that parent company RIM had announced its intention to withdraw from the consumer market to focus on corporate customers.  I’ve since seen follow up articles that retract these comments saying they were “misconstrued”.  Whatever the reality, too little too late?  You bet.  For me it’s inevitable they’ll be acquired and why look anywhere else than HP, their own saga with Palm has left them bereft of a Smartphone and this, if we are to believe the analysts, is the largest segment of the market by volume.

As always, interesting times ahead.

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